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Patrick Bertolett- the man who ate a million slices

My one fear in life is that I’ll be tossed in a straitjacket and taken to food rehab. In the customary “Dear substance” letter, mine is addressed to pizza. There’s no doubt at some point I’ll sneak some in and freebase it in my padded cell. The source of my obsession is unknown, but began […]

P Bertoletti- fueled by kosher hot dogs, black pudding, and spotted dick

          After numerous doses of pepto, Lipitor and pairs of depends I’ve had time to digest the nitrates and experiences of this past 4th of July hot dog eating contest. The 4th can be compared to a moderately big event in ones life, a bar mitzvah you trained 3 months eating hot dogs for (kosher […]

Hot dogs, bhut, and luchador

The binge to end all binges was slated to culminate on November 11th surrounding the bhut pepper wing contest.  Crazy legs, Joey, Erik the red, n Allison were all on the binge list.  The launch would begin at the start of competitive eating/ birth of all of our eating careers; the Nathans hot dog factory.  […]

Minneapolis Pizza

This blog is dedicated to all my(Alyssa’s) peeps in Minneapolis(The Johnson’s, Nayan the yogurt maker, the Heiers, etc.).  There is something quite amazing about Minneapolis that i wasn’t expecting to find.  I am overly content with the time I spent navigating the bitter cold and incredible food and bar scene.  It’s often overlooked as a […]

Destined for obestiy and instability

Does happiness exist when the definition remains unknown and is not figured into one’s life equation?  Especially if there’s no guarantee complete jovial solace will occur in your skin/ mental asylum.  These points are usually backed up by a mental disability or imbalance where perception is altered and all shortcomings and failures are brought to […]