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attempting 12″ pizza in under 2 min 15 sec

This happened in fort pierce florida at big apple pizza. We are attempting to break the guinness world record that stood at roughly 2 min and 15 seconds. My favorite part is when I stick my tongue out to show I’m done and a piece of crust falls out.  I am going to try my […]

across the pond and back, long live the republic of czech

Time is a great thing when reflection is concerned. There are reflections of past travels, how far competitive eating has taken me and changed a once fickle, shy, and chubster kid into a promising young glutton that will one day be able to call himself a man.  Hopefully being able to grow some decent facial […]


This is a few weeks late but here are the results anyway.I won by consuming 41 hot dogs and buns.Hopefully I can improve at the 4th which is likely since a massive surge of pure electricity and adrenaline can usually be channeled from the crowd at Coney. Out of all the contests this is the […]

Asparago Mayhem

Going into this competition I knew that my stomach capacity and technique were in proper order. The more elements that are controlled going into a competition the better. But no matter how many elements you control the unknown is always the food. The only consistent food on the circuit has been Krystal hamburgers and Ash […]


It’s has been a while since my last blog / competition. It’s probably a good thing for me to give some time to digest all that occurred in New Orleans for the acme oyster contest. It saw many a major league eaters’ hammskied on Bourbon Street and talking to Miss America contestants while wearing the […]