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relationships and mohawks

 This has been another subject that has weighted heavily in my mind .  After a time of withdrawal and playing the field after a past relationship I’ve spend more time pondering relationships with myself, relatives, and friends.  My conclusion, relationships rival the two step that food and wine play on your palate.              From the dismal facts I have gathered, being alone can […]

Matzoh Balls and deep thoughts

It’s time again to recap another eating trip, another second place finish, and a great time visiting with friends in houston.  I have reread my blogs and realized I am a cholic in every term of the word, w/ food, “chocoholic but for booze” and with fluffanutter sandwiches.            It seems that the day before every contest is just as […]

Ja la panos( gringo prononciation) and escoffier dinner

Better late than never is all I have to say.  I think that my stomach has finally gotten back to normal after all those peppers.  I have stopped cringing every time I sneeze out of fear that a pepper seed may come out.  Laredo was a fun city to visit and the la costena/ washingtons birthday celebration association […]

Black jake, additives, tuxedo, and science fair

I will start this off by saying that I hope that I am not turning into one of those sob, mod, trendy, poser, yuppy, dbag, chaches that posts about everything.  It’s entirely possible, I will punch myself in the baby maker if it ever happens.  I have never felt like writing about my experiences and […]