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This blog is dedicated to all my(Alyssa’s) peeps in Minneapolis(The Johnson’s, Nayan the yogurt maker, the Heiers, etc.).  There is something quite amazing about Minneapolis that i wasn’t expecting to find.  I am overly content with the time I spent navigating the bitter cold and incredible food and bar scene.  It’s often overlooked as a 2nd rate Midwestern food hot spot but they serve a great array of pizza, burgers and tasty morsels on every corner.  It’s a smaller version of Chicago with balls and a little bit of grit(not to mention it’s home base for my favorite band dillinger four-check that shit out).  If you’re ever in the Minneapolis St. Paul area my first suggestion is to stay out of St. Paul, my second is to visit one of these pizza places.



Could be one of the best and most consistent pizza’s I’ve ever had.  They are expanding and with several visits it’s a consistent 9, keeping in mind that there are no 10’s in my book.  They are certified d.o.c. meaning they follow the regulations of the Italian government and adhere/ exceed the standards.  The dough can only have 4 ingredients and showcases the ingredients.  When only a few ingredients are used there is nowhere for sloppy craftsmanship’s or skill to hide.  Punch uses the best ingredients, and a 900 f oven that turns a flour and yeast matrix into  finished masterpieces in 90 seconds.

Crescent moon

This pizza comes out shaped like a pigskin and breaks all the pizza rules.  Kind of like the California style “if it works on a sandwich it will work on pizza” motto Ed Ladou coined.  Served with Middle Eastern spiced beef, onions, peppers, and a spicy dipping sauce this pizza begs to be devoured.  When you want to change up the flavors you can use the dipping sauce to add another layer of flavor.  The best pizza’s warrant it’s diners to eat up to the amount of pizza ordered.  For example if eating at vito and nicks with 3 friends you could order 6 pizzas and I guarantee all the pizza will get eaten.  It’s so good that if there’s pizza in front of you your taste buds will need another fix and you will not be able to stop eating.  That’s how good crescent moon pizza is, you will definitely eat up to the amount of pizza ordered.

Porter n Frye

This trendy spot turns out great stuff.  We ordered a traditional margarita and a fancy pants special with some type of mustard coated arugula on top.  Fancy or not this pizza is delicious and should not be missed. Not to mention they carry my favorite vodka (bison grass)




Usually the old school titans of pizza have been churning out shitty pizza for decades and for some reason they exist perhaps on nostalgic childhood followers.  Dulono’s has that 50 year old feel yet turns out pizza that is in no way that shit you grew up on.  It’s a slightly thicker crust with a flavorful sauce and just the right dusting of grease.  Whenever you want good old fashion pizza that always delivers check this place out


Pizza Luce

They like to play with the pizza formula.  The true test is if a chef can create the basics.  Before you can move up from waxoning the hood of Mr. Miagi’s hood you have to perfect the basics and Luce certainly churns out a delectable margarita showing that someone did their time in Ralph Machio’s camel tail cutoff jean shorts.  They experiment with odd toppings, including the above that was blanketed with a layer of mashed potatoes, habanero cream cheese and an assortment of veggies and an avocado crema.  The basics were all there and worked harmoniously, with the crust supplying the needed canvas in the background as a flavor carrying hand to mouth device.

Red Savoy

Falls into the bar style pizza, thin, greasy, salty, highly flavored sauce.  The original st. paul location is ok but it’s the Minneapolis locations I drunkenly come back for.    The sauce is slightly spicy n acidic and can cause heartburn the next day but I was likely going to wake up with heart burn in the morning post binge anyways; so take some tums and aspirin with a gallon of water when you wake up.  And if you are feeling saucy get the pickle and bacon pie, it tastes a lot better than you think.

In closing don’t sleep on Minneapolis, It’s a wintry mirage of down to earth people that know how to drink a fish bowl and steer a peddle pub while 2x the legal limit.  I’ve found many pizza’s in the rough not to mention an awesome girlfriend.



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