Monthly Archives: July 2010

East coast pizza tour Tocconelis and Anthonys

Frank Pepe’s

White clam pie Good for a hangover but not as a base for binge drinking. This is quite possibly the most unique and best executed pie out there.

Pizza of Australia

Ham and egg Had to try it while on the continent, looks a lot better than it tasted. I would of liked a vegamite pizza better. At least there are only 4 more continents I have to eat pizza from


Have you ever white knuckled the handles in a handicap stall while doing your best to recreate that wammy game show?  And Muffling your cries; “ no pepper no pepper no pepper”  If you had just been in a jalapeno eating contest this has most likely happened to you.  But rest assured, there are shitiots […]

The deep dish ****it list

Eat pizza on all continents Go to all 50 states Win the Nathans famous hot dog contest Have an everyday mariachi calendar Have a sandwich, sleazy sex act, and cafeteria named after me Read the entire girl talk book series See every Charles Bronson movie Get a deep dish blend of medicated gold bond powder […]