trip to jersey shore and beyond

A Pizzaphiles journey in short hand

3 pizza’s in 3 states in 2 days

Delaware- Anthonys coal burning

Tocconella’s- philly

Macks- Wildwood jersey

3 very different pizza’s and flavor experiences, priming my palate for the unknown flavors of the philadelaphiles

Pork roll?  Fried in butter on a roll with mustard. It was quite amazing, kind of like breakfast sausage cloned with salami,  mmmmmmm

Or scrapple?

Prepared the same way, soft and gooey, with a perfect crust.  Almost like a biscuit made of sausage, who cares if it’s made from pigs assholes and hooves

Stayed with mr. steakbellies buddies on the jersey shore, repaid them by preparing these;

b^3-  Italian blt, bacon, basil, balsamic syrup, n oven roasted tomatoes

Cubano- bacon, cream cheese, strawberry jelly

hit the jersey shore,  fist pumping and gtl was referenced a minimum of 795 times in a 4 hour time span

Played the I’m steakbellies younger sivant brother game,

He convinced 2 baby boomers that I was rudderless, a lost soul, and total f*** up(not too far from truth)

Was consulted with pep talk upon exit and reassured that daughters my age were going thru same thing

Was recognized at karaoke bar where ron jeremys sleazier beezexed every follicle younger brother manned the male parts of paradise by dashboard light

Took 10 min of interrogation to prove mr bellie wasn’t setting me up turned out to be a big fan and had an hour conv.


Discovered the 6th season of the trailer park boys;  the hidden theme- milk jugs filled with discarded golden shower liquid

A game of where’s waldo of where the ketonic milk jug turned into a dangerous game.

Drank keystone light from the naturals basement kegerater ,  tons of  steakbellies world famous leg spreaders mojito’s and more silver bullets to count.

Had to spoon with the dog after a pitcher of mojito’s

Almost died in a certain eater’s bmw en route to phl airport.  But owe him as he got me back to chow on airport garbage feed.  Can’t tell you the promises that were made if this would happen.

Also, lost to b.o.b. by a few fries, let it slip away in last 30 sec, reassured me of my distastes for large crinkle/ steak fries.

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