Twisted spoke, the burger under review


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Forever the sign of a great dish or sauce was the primal urge to reach for bread to sop up all the juices and overlooked flavor.  Never had this urge arisen while eating a burger before I devoured the twisted spoke double fatty burger.  I would suggest getting a single as you can taste all the intricate and well thought through additions.  I let my hunger be the guide and wrongfully ordered the double.  I received double the flavor and pleasure but only Sasquatch could wrap his mouth around it, it’s just that huge.  Usually a medium rare request at a bar is not honored and a hamburger steak arrives dull and brown.  Oh how this burger changes all pre conceived notions of what a bar burger can be.  It’s likely the best burger I have eaten in the city, the bacon, mayo, Chihuahua cheese, and grilled onions only give greater steam to the runaway flavor train the fatty delivers.  If you don’t go for the burger go for the vast beer selection and intricate menu.  Not only do they have delicious cheese curds but tempura fried bacon is also featured.  I can imagine looking into the cooks eyes and seeing the intensity and passion for food with just one bite.  This burger has something to prove and if you aren’t on that wavelength get the hell out of the way.  The culinary arousal was at the tip of sensitivity while I thumbed the menu, all of my favorites were present for the culinary roll call. 



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