Monthly Archives: August 2009

Twisted spoke, the burger under review

  Forever the sign of a great dish or sauce was the primal urge to reach for bread to sop up all the juices and overlooked flavor.  Never had this urge arisen while eating a burger before I devoured the twisted spoke double fatty burger.  I would suggest getting a single as you can taste […]

Antica Pizza

9/10 A well balanced pie, cheese is not too wet and the dough holds up. A very unique dough flavor and texture. It’s charred but not burnt which is a hard line to balance. Seasoned perfectly, a little pizza cocaine sprinkled on top is not necessary but bloody good. It hold up to the hype and […]

The quandary of an unsocial socialite

The quandary of an unsocial socialite Am I? Famous- debatable Introverted-yes Narcissist- no Crazy- most likely Unstable- possibly Frat boy- in some ways Insecure- usually Knowledgeable- in only a few subjects I’m not typical as fame has not changed me, probably because I don’t see myself as such. I am not at the point of […]

Nathans 2009 recap

What is it about July 4th that makes me have to take a good crap? Or to quote kingpin? Lots of build up and occasionally a great pay off, not usually monetary in nature because we’re not talking about a sponsor that puts up good prize money or gives a damn but more in experience, […]