Nathans famous 4th of july reflection and dissapointment

                   It may be over a month since the 4th of July hot dog contest but it still burdens my mind.  I was only  able to bring myself to watch it once (on fast forward) and discust ensued.  I was pleased to find that some fans were exited about seeing me working as a chef/cook in the pre show interviews; you’d be surprised that some people think working with food is hot.   Maybe it’s the curse of espn, as whenever the camera is in my face and thoughts of me being the dark horse or upstart are put in my feed bag I usually choke.  It happened at krystals and it happened here.  And boy did I choke.  To put it in perspective I at 37dogs in my first practice run.  Thinking of all the time, hundreds of hot dogs, bubble gum chewed and carcinogenic fake sugar compounds consumed from wylers light makes me think I may have been better off not training.  And i’m still pissed that Nathan’s shorted everyone their year supply of hot dogs from winning a qualifier.  I know that generalizations are bad, like saying all policemen/women are d**** and are on power trips, and that all Asian people have funny sounding last names. But there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that nathans famous does in fact b***.  There are some people that I truly like but the majority of people leave me holding back a reversal.  Like the manager with slicked back gray/ white hair that was bitching when I was giving soon to be garbage ridden hot dogs to fans and my family, being scolded like this made me  feel like a 4th grader that just belted out the f work when he kicked the tire bolts into the snow.  The same prick would later scold me for taking too many drinks from the cooler in the kitchen area.  To my credit I did consume all 4 PowerAde’s and 4 waters on the walk to the after party at Ruby’s.  Is it not obvious that consuming lethal amounts of sodium cause an unquenchable thirst? The year supply subject really pisses me off still, giving everyone 160 skinless hot dogs is an insult, they are useless, I’d rather they be donated.  To mle’s credit they gave each eater money to cover the lost hot dogs (It was not from Nathan’s). 


With all that aside the crowd was spectacular as usual.  I had support of every kind, family, friends, and especially la perfecta.  Going in I had a great feeling that I could put up a huge number.  I was eating more hot dogs in practice than I’ve ever done before and was actually starting to believe in myself.  My thoughts stemmed from being able to push myself to my known limit and from practice it would have easily included the winning total.  But the question was getting it down in the 10 minutes.  There was no question I could do it, but leaving it up to chance is what it always comes down to.  That chance stems from what eater you will wake up as.  Will it be an “oh s**t” contest where you take one bite and know you don’t stand a chance or will everything fall into place, and you will eat dogs faster, with more confidence and rhythm than ever before.  Well, it was an oh s**t contest.  For some reason they decided to not follow the usual order of table placement and flanked Sonya and Juliet on either side of Joey and Kobey.  I’m a stickler for tradition and what’s right.  That was bs, I did my best at my qualifier to earn that spot next to Joey or Kobey and, to have Nathan’s or espn switch it around sucks.  To make matters worse, sonya and bob were on my pace for the entire contest, I was lucky in my state to out eat them on that day.  I stumbled and was never able to get comfortable.  My intensity, energy, and focus peaked during the first introduction an hour prior to the big dance.  I felt the edge slip away and no amount of Tums, caffeine, and food network cameras in my face would help me regain it.      

Another thing that sucked was that my Willy Wonka intro got cut out of the show.  That would explain the purple suit and walking stick, I planned to imitate Gene Wilders exit from the factory with limp and summersault.  I practiced that front roll for a few days to where I wouldn’t be terrified of executing it on an elevated and narrow catwalk.  Here’s the you tube video from the movie (it’s about 2 minutes in) 

The much needed post/ celebratory drinking took place at Ruby’s on the boardwalk.  I usually celebrate not having to eat hot dogs for 9 or so months.  I drank to curb the engulfed saturation of sodium.  Pink vodka knows how to throw a party, I wish more of it was not washed from my memory but I had a great time.  I wore a brand new white shirt from st. Johns restaurant in England.  (Note to self never wear a white shirt to a bar when it’s known that you will be doing shots of jager with Rich Lefevre.)  You can see it on my shirt in the picture below.  I wish there was more to tell but there is a such a thing as guy code, the fact that all present will never forget how rowdy and hammered we all got, as well as the mythical creature know as blackout bertoletti does in fact exist..  Thanks to la perfecta for carrying me home as well as being my chaperone/ designated walker. 

In a detour, the 5th of July saw a chartered/ vomit filled flight to Indianapolis to see the great Sloppy Seconds on their home turf.  I can also tell you that it is possible to spend 25 dollars on McDonald’s food.  But I would only recommend it when you are incredibly hung over, and that was the case.  My ears and shoulders were ringing after the excessive noise and crowd surfers using me as a safety net.  But I did manage to eat some country fried pork chops in a run down diner in Indy.       

The only other things to report are that myself and Hall Hoover Huntington will be venturing to Prague for a dumpling eating contest August 15th.  Following the contest I will blow as much money as possible in a 3 day stint in the U.K. eating at restaurant Gordon Ramsey and st. Johns. But,  I will be back to take down Joey in dumplings on the 23rd.  

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I am exited to say that I will have tee shirts for sale in a week or so.  They can be yours for 12 bucks( that includes shipping) 








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