Monthly Archives: August 2008

Matzoh Balls and deep thoughts

It’s time again to recap another eating trip, another second place finish, and a great time visiting with friends in houston.  I have reread my blogs and realized I am a cholic in every term of the word, w/ food, “chocoholic but for booze” and with fluffanutter sandwiches.            It seems that the day before every contest is just as […]

Ja la panos( gringo prononciation) and escoffier dinner

Better late than never is all I have to say.  I think that my stomach has finally gotten back to normal after all those peppers.  I have stopped cringing every time I sneeze out of fear that a pepper seed may come out.  Laredo was a fun city to visit and the la costena/ washingtons birthday celebration association […]

Black jake, additives, tuxedo, and science fair

I will start this off by saying that I hope that I am not turning into one of those sob, mod, trendy, poser, yuppy, dbag, chaches that posts about everything.  It’s entirely possible, I will punch myself in the baby maker if it ever happens.  I have never felt like writing about my experiences and […]

You say mardi gras I say party gras

There is no better to get over wing bowl dissapoinment more than, friends, mardi gras, drinking before 11 am, and cajun food.  Being that drunk a hole on a float wearing a ridiculious costume sure adds to it.  Let me tell you, I was that drunk a hole.  It was a short weekend but I managed to cram a lot into it. Getting into nola […]