Monthly Archives: August 2008

Nathans on the 4th taken from my yardbarker blog

The 4th of july is less than 2 weeks away and it’s crunch time in terms of training and preparation. Joey Chestnut is the king of hot dogs with Kobeyashi a close second. Last year, no doubt was left as to the champion of hot dogs and bun. Joey dominated, crushing the world record and […]


This is a few weeks late but here are the results anyway.I won by consuming 41 hot dogs and buns.Hopefully I can improve at the 4th which is likely since a massive surge of pure electricity and adrenaline can usually be channeled from the crowd at Coney. Out of all the contests this is the […]

Asparago Mayhem

Going into this competition I knew that my stomach capacity and technique were in proper order. The more elements that are controlled going into a competition the better. But no matter how many elements you control the unknown is always the food. The only consistent food on the circuit has been Krystal hamburgers and Ash […]


It’s has been a while since my last blog / competition. It’s probably a good thing for me to give some time to digest all that occurred in New Orleans for the acme oyster contest. It saw many a major league eaters’ hammskied on Bourbon Street and talking to Miss America contestants while wearing the […]

relationships and mohawks

 This has been another subject that has weighted heavily in my mind .  After a time of withdrawal and playing the field after a past relationship I’ve spend more time pondering relationships with myself, relatives, and friends.  My conclusion, relationships rival the two step that food and wine play on your palate.              From the dismal facts I have gathered, being alone can […]